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Aeroweld, Inc. Terms and Conditions
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    • Acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the above Aeroweld, Inc. Purchase Order.

    • Quality Clauses & Terms and conditions apply.

    • The goods must be delivered strictly in accordance with the quantities, specifications and delivery schedule specified.

    • The Seller, by acceptance of this Order, accepts all the terms and conditions hereof. 

    • Acceptance of this Order shall take place either by execution and return of the signed acknowledgment copy accompanying this purchase order or by part performance of this Order. 

    • Unless otherwise stated in the Order, terms are Net Thirty (30) days after delivery of goods and receipt of invoices.   

    • Goods must be packed and delivered to conform to Uniform Freight Classification to obtain lowest shipping rate.   

    • Goods are subject to inspection by Purchaser and Purchaser shall be the final judge of the goods.  No payment will be made to Seller in respect to any goods which are rejected on such inspection.  If instructions are not received within fifteen (15) days after notice of rejection, goods will be returned at Seller’s expense. 

    • Seller expressly warrants that all goods covered by this Order will be fit and sufficient for the purpose intended, free from defects and will conform to applicable specifications,  drawing, samples or description.

    • Seller shall keep confidential all information, drawings, specifications or data furnished by purchaser or prepared by Seller specifically in connection with the performance of this order and shall not divulge or use such information, drawing, specifications or data to or for the benefit of any other party. 

    • Suppliers are required to notify Aeroweld, Inc. of any change to the organization (i.e. Management, Facility Location, Process Change, or Changes in Product).

    • Aeroweld, Inc. shall be allowed the right of access to determine and verify the quality of work, record and material at any place, including the physical plant of the Supplier.

    • Aeroweld, Inc. requirements include the use of supplier approved and controlled product, procedures, processes, equipment and qualified personnel to satisfy Aeroweld, Inc. purchase order requirements.

    • All applicable documentation, equipment, etc. shall be identified and meet all requirements.

    • Quality records must be maintained on file for a minimum of forty (40) years (unless otherwise specified) and readily retrievable upon request.

    • Verification by Aeroweld, Inc. shall not absolve the Supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product or service nor shall it preclude subsequent rejections by Aeroweld, Inc.

    • All Aeroweld, Inc. supplied/owned parts, components, drawings, measuring devices, etc. furnished to the supplier shall be identified, safeguarded and controlled at all times at supplier facility. 

    • Samples, first-article approvals, quality records, etc. may be required and these requirements will be noted on the corresponding purchase order.   

    • Suppliers shall use only end item Customer approved processing sources.

    • Suppliers are required to notify Aeroweld, Inc. on all known nonconformities which have already shipped to Aeroweld, Inc.  Notification shall be immediate. 

    • Disposition of nonconforming product will be done exclusively by Aeroweld, Inc.

    • The Supplier shall use appropriate methods of handling, packaging and preservation to prevent damage of product in process and during delivery.   

    • Packing slips must be enclosed with all shipments showing order number, line number, release number, if any and quantity. 

    • Material supplied must be purchased from approved sources of Aeroweld, Inc.

    • These T&C shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers, as applicable.

    • A qualified representative of the Supplier’s Quality Department shall sign and document acceptance status for each shipment as evidence of 100% inspection.  Sampling inspection shall not be performed without prior written approval from Aeroweld, Inc.

    • Nonconforming product produced by the supplier shall be segregated, tagged, and returned to Aeroweld, Inc. along with completed (Supplier’s) internal nonconformance report. 

    • Documented cause and corrective action of nonconformity is required.